I hope you love historical novels as much as I do.  In fact, I loved the genre so much that I decided to write my own and publish with Amazon.

If you are in the U.K. and want a handsome glossy-backed signed copy for £7.50 plus postage then email me: edgemount@btinternet.com

The title is ‘Where Rowans Intertwine’.   It is available to download from Amazon Kindle for £2.33 or $2.99.  If you have not got a Kindle you can download a free kindle reading app by following the link when you purchase the book; so you can read it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

From Amazon.co uk it is available as a paperback for £9.94 with free postage in the UK on orders over £10,  (It makes a good present) and $15.70 on the U.S. Amazon.com site with free postage on orders over $35.  As it is almost 450 pages long, so good value, but  obviously cheaper to buy the Kindle version.

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However, the cheapest way to get the paperback with free delivery WORLDWIDE is with the BOOK DEPOSITORY where the paperback will cost you £9.94 INCLUDING postage.





‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ is a novel about the spiritual journey of a young novice Druid priestess and healer, who battles with the cultural and spiritual challenges of a world governed by Roman invaders. It is set on the island of Mona (Anglesey in North Wales), two hundred years after the attempted annihilation of Druidism by mass slaughter.

Although its genre is  historical fiction, it will also interest healers, those with a broad, spiritual, investigative nose, those interested in things Celtic and people fascinated by the mystical teachings and practice of Druidism.

If you click on the headings next to ‘Home’ you will find out more about the novel.


I am doing book signings and talks ONLY in the U.K,  selling for £7.50.

A signed copy will cost you £10.50 including postage. Postage for up to three copies is around  £3.00, so it makes a good gift if you want several.

Email your order to me with your address and explaining to whom you would like the book/s dedicating: edgemount@btinternet.com

There have been several venues on Anglesey in North Wales selling signed copies.  Unfortunately all venues are now sold out! You can only get signed copies from me.

Could you post a book review? Whether it is a one sentence opinion or several paragraphs it does not matter. Please leave reviews on both the U.K and the .com amazon sites.  Every little helps; especially when self published authors have to do their own marketing and that gobbles up any profits.
It would be wonderful if you could post a review on Amazon sites and Goodreads.
The way to do it on the Amazon sites is to click on the little row of gold stars next to the books sales site.  This brings up a window where you click on ‘read reviews’. A new window comes up with a list of consumer reviews but also a little window which says ‘write a review.’
It is important to copy your review before posting it as you then do not have to recompose it for the other sites.
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Love as ever
Margaret Grant


REVIEW BY ONLINE BOOKCLUB      3 out of 4 stars      Review by Lest92
‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ by Margaret Grant is an historical fiction novel set on the Roman-occupied island of Mona circa 230 A.D.; themes of cultural assimilation, prejudice, reconciliation and spiritual maturity are a sample of the themes explored in the story.
After the death of Nanw, the tribal priestess of the Celwri, her granddaughter and acolyte, Ceridwen, accepts the responsibility of becoming the new priestess and healer. The Celts and the Roman settlers live under the Pax Romana, enforced by encamped legions who trade with the tribes; Ceridwen stokes hostile feelings toward them by refusing to forget that the Romans massacred the Druids of Mona two hundred years before her time. However, she realises that her prejudiced attitude interferes with her spiritual and healing work, and to attempt resolution between their cultures, she decides to wed Marcus, the Roman army surgeon, at her first Beltane as presiding priestess. With the support of Marcus and her tribe, Ceridwen begins to change her bigoted views and heal from bygone battles. As she matures into her roles as priestess, mother and wife, she is better able to guide the Celwri when the rogue former chief, Eithig, threatens the stability of Celtic farmstead and Roman fort alike.
‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ is an immersive novel; the author evoked time, place and mingling cultures while balancing the main themes, symbolism, spirituality and love. Historical research along with Grant’s personal experience with nature, spirituality and the island indeed intertwined and transported me to the Welsh island Anglesey at the time around 230 A.D. From the list of characters to the informative epilogue, Grant engaged me with the narrative. What I admired most was that the author developed everything of importance to Ceridwen, but never heavily emphasized only one aspect of her life. As the novel is in third person, we see both Celtic and Roman perspectives. Ceridwen is a very relatable round character; she has strengths, flaws and vulnerabilities, not to mention wit. My favourite quote is her observation that Eithig “smells of sweat and vainglory”.
Grant even-handedly included beauty and brutality in the novel. Violence and death contrasts with Ceridwen’s peaceful union with nature and the otherworld of her ancient spirituality. Given that Ceridwen is an intelligent woman, her relationship with Marcus is understandably cerebral and political as well as loving. The romance is important, but does not overwhelm the story. The writing is rich with symbolism and archaic Brythonic words to lend authenticity to the dialogue.
There aren’t many problems with Where Rowans Intertwine. Another round of editing would have taken care of the comma problem – they were often in the wrong part of sentences, which made the read slightly choppy. The layout of the book was professional, but since I think the writing needed rounding off before publication, I’m rating Where Rowans Intertwine 3 out of 4 stars. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to historical fiction enthusiasts, history buffs and readers who appreciate a well-rounded, likeable set of characters.

To read more reviews or even better, write your own, either go to Goodreads or Amazon or my page ‘Recent Reviews’ on this website
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24 Responses to Home

  1. Just need to sell another 80 copies and then all my costs will be covered and I can then start seriously sending all profit to an orphanage in Nepal. Luckily, a very generous cousin has just donated £100 for my birthday to a charity of my choice, so that amount can go straight to the orphanage now, as they are in dire need of warm clothes for the coming winter and school books.

  2. I think if I were trying to make profit for myself I would become lazy about marketing, but I am seizing every opportunity and doors are opening. Just ordered 1000 of my little cards. My daughter gets to fly with a different cabin crew every week and stay in different hotels, so she will be a mean marketing machine.

  3. I am thinking of doing a page for discussion questions useful to book clubs and study groups. If you have any ideas you would like including in that page, please let me know them in the next few weeks. Also, if you have any favourite quotations from the book I will do a page about that too. So thinking caps on!

  4. Badieh behi says:

    I really enjoyed it very much. I bought a signed copy from the author after reading her website. It was amazing; the story line; the beautiful literature; the history behind the story. I hope she keeps writing as she is a talented writer.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Badieh. To see someone use the word ‘literature’ about my writing is a real compliment.

  6. I only need to sell another 75 copies of the novel, then all costs are covered.
    In January I will be able to send another £100 to the orphanage in Nepal.

  7. So excited to be touring North Wales just after Easter and meeting up with long lost colleagues and friends. The book signings start at Caernarfon Castle on the 31st March. Full schedule in ‘NEWS & VIEWS’

  8. Just posted a lovely new review on my Facebook page. I do not know which customer wrote it, but it is so encouraging. I was thrilled by the response of this anonymous reader. (Also posted in Recent Reviews)

    For those of you who love book circles, reading groups or creative writing, take a look at the section on Book Circle Discussion Questions from the main headings.

  9. Dear Margaret,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. I am not certain how I came to find out about it but I ordered it as it seemed relevant to me. I have recently walked with my family from Holywell to Bardsey Island on the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way and we were constantly aware of the links between the Romans (walking the part of the Roman Road near Penmaenmawr and visiting Segontium) and the Ordovician tribes (passing through ancient forests, near hill forts and ancient burial sites). It all felt so connected to your story. I had an unusual experience at Aber Falls and felt the intense energy of the place – I was amazed to discover it to be such an important site energetically in your book too. I have also been initiated into reiki 1 and 2 many years previously and had briefly met your reiki masters some time ago at a conference, also Kristin Bonney is also somewhere in my lineage I believe. I recognised all your descriptions of healing in this way in the book and felt even more connected to the characters and experiences I read about. I want to thank you so much for writing this book as it has helped me to connect deeper with my sense of spirituality and further develop my knowledge of my ancient ancestors. Thank you.

      PLEASE FORWARD TO WHOM YOU THINK MIGHT BE INTERESTED. The link to the Tales from Wales looks good too for writers/readers to subscribe to for free.

      For 99p from:

      For $1.35 from:

      Fond memories of our wonderful 23 years in Wales.
      P.S. Thank you for all those lovely reviews on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk
      It really does help a lot to raise funds for our friend’s orphanage in Nepal.
      Please note that all signed copies in North Wales have now sold out, so you have to contact me personally if you would like a signed copy
      at £9.50 plus postage.

      Margaret Grant

      From: Philip Rowlands
      Subject: Re: Welcome Margaret to the Tales From Wales newsletter.
      Date: 23 February 2018 at 14:11:16 GMT
      To: the grants


  10. Dear Reiki Rebecca,
    I am so happy that you found my book and that you felt the special energies you talked about. I had such a strong ‘hiraeth’ for the area after living there for 23 years; so it was very special to make the journey from Lincolnshire this last Easter to do some book signings and wonderful to visit key places and meet old friends from our life on the island and down the Lleyn.

    A special place I visited on this last trip was Penmon Priory. I have visited it several times and each time it has been in a different time period as time slips were happening. I did not realise this to start with, but, having looked at an architectural map of how the priory was added to in subsequent eras, I realise that I have been privileged to view it from several different centuries. Magic does really happen… to me anyway.

    So much of the ‘magic’ in the book I have actually experienced from doing meditation or reiki.
    The scene where Nanw is dying and passes her healing knowledge to Ceridwen was an actual experience I had when taking Reiki with Kristin.

    The scene at Aber Falls, where Ceridwen feels the spirit of a girl child, actually happened to me at Llanfairfechan, where my husband and I were doing some research for his Phd.forty two years ago!

    I originally made contact with Reiki when I was very ill and Viv Candlish’s daughter asked her mum to heal me, so I have connections with the Anglesey Healing Centre, where I later did Reiki 1 with
    Kristin Bonney. Reiki 2 I did in Sheffield with Soyin Tang and now I am about to embark on being a Reiki Master.

    I am toying with the idea of doing an article for TOUCH magazine. I must make the effort when the spate of summer visitors have left.

    Would you please do a review for me on Amazon? It tells you how on the section listed at the top of this homepage, ‘WRITING YOUR REVIEW’. I have exhausted marketing to my friends now and the orphanage in Nepal are so reliant on donations. Sadly sales have slowed, so I was not able to send any money this month, but with a little extra publicity I am sure things will pick up again and I shall be able to send some at the end of September. ,…..So please alert your friends, especially Reiki friends, to the possibility of downloading or buying a copy. It makes a really good present for the right person.

    All the very best with your own ever evolving spiritual journey.
    Blessings,love and light.
    Margaret Grant

  11. I am currently sending all royalties and profits to Nepalganj orphanage, but when I have to buy more publicity materials I will have to cost that in. I am looking at ways to publicise for free. so if you would like to share this page with friend please do….and please do a review on Goodreads if you have enjoyed it. My lovely husband Gordon does all the running around for free and of course all our work time is free of charge. If I were doing this as a business it would be at a loss, but we are both happy to be of service in our dotage.

  12. A prosperous and healthy 2017 to all my readers and a big ‘thank you’ to all those people who have been promoting ‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ because they appreciated it and wanted it to do well financially for the orphanage it supports. Please write a review. it says how:

  13. I was just talking with one of my readers today about the character Llew… the young son of Ceridwen in ‘WHERE ROWANS INTERTWINE’. I mentioned that he was an ancestor of Llewellyn the Great.. the famous Welsh historical figure in Sharon Penman’s novels. I can feel his story calling, but must finish the children’s book about Tiggy the cat.

  14. Thank you so much to the people who have posted reviews on both the Amazon.com and the Amazon.co.uk site. They have been very helpful in attracting custom. GOODREADS is another source of publicity if you would be kind enough to leave reviews there too. Every little helps… or is that free advertising for a supermarket?
    PLEASE carry on spreading the word. I need to order some more paperbacks for the next book signing and write an article for the LINCOLN newspapers.

  15. I’ve just received another 100 glossy paperback copies from Amazon and am really delighted with the quality as usual. The novel continues to get good reviews on Amazon, but I am hoping for more from some famous people such as Dame Helen Mirren and Professor Alice Roberts, who have both received complimentary copies. I have already had a wonderful review on Amazon from T.V presenter and novelist Mari Griffiths.
    So… I can do my book signings locally. I have a little exhibition prepared and I am selling copies for £9.50 in the U.K. Postage is £2.85.
    I am free to give talks and do book signings in the Lincolnshire and Newark area.
    Unfortunately I will not be travelling to Wales again this year, but customers in North Wales may be able to get signed copies from Oriel Môn, Llangefni and The Ucheldre Arts Centre, Holyhead.

    • Jean Ruane says:

      Hello Margaret
      Congratulations on this achievement! Please could you advise me as to how I can buy a paperback copy of the novel direct from you?
      Many thanks

      • I only send out signed copies to the UK, as I have had difficulties with payment from people abroad. You can email me your address to : edgemount@btinternet.com
        I then send out a copy with an invoice. When you receive the book you pay by cheque or BACS.
        All my personal profit goes to a Nepalese Orphanage run by a personal friend, so I know where every penny goes.

  16. Thank you Rene, but being a technophobe I do not really understand what you mean. I will do as you suggest, but I am not sure why?

  17. Here is a link to ancient Druidry which I think my readers will find interesting. It was not available on the internet when I was researching ‘WHERE ROWANS INTERTWINE’. I had to rely on tomes from libraries and my own inspirational Ceridwen who guided my work. It is good to know that my own research does not flow contrary to anything here.

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