Celtic Round Houses At Butser Ancient Farm

Posted on August 22, 2015 by margaretgrantauthor

I was so thrilled recently whilst watching a documentary by Neil Oliver about Celtic Britain, to see him at Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire. He was surrounded by Celtic round houses. These were just how I imagined them to look, in the valley below the sacred mountain of Mynydd Llwydiarth, a scene from my historical Druid novel, ‘WHERE ROWANS INTERTWINE’.

The Directors of Butser gave me permission to make a poster of the round houses to use at my book signings. If you want to experience this Celtic Romano farm go to their website to book a visit:


Butser Education CIC
Butser Ancient Farm
Chalton Lane

I have previously seen two reconstructions of a Celtic round house; one at the famous St. Fagan’s museum in Cardiff, which has examples of houses from pre history right up to the present day and another at Oriel Mon, the art museum at Llangefni, Anglesey. However I have never visited an actual reconstruction of a village. I may well try to engineer a book signing there and visit it properly.

Do not look too closely at the poster or you will see some solar panels with an electric fence to keep in the animals. The Celtic farm settlements used blackthorn and hawthorn hedges to keep in their livestock, as it is extremely strong and impenetrable when allowed to grow as a thicket.

Let me know if you have seen any good exhibitions of Romano Celtic life.


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