Readers’ Favourite Quotations

I am adding this FAVOURITE QUOTES page to my website regarding my novel “Where Rowans Intertwine.” So those of you who have read it, please feel free to quote below or on my Facebook website: Margaret Grant, author.

My own personal quote is one of Nanw’s speeches to her granddaughter and novice priestess. She is encouraging Ceridwen not to dwell on her negative thoughts and feelings for too long and admonishes : “Black the bread becomes when left too long by the fire.”
You will find it in Chapter IV ‘THE ENEMY WITHIN’.

Here is another which echoes throughout the pages:

‘When the noble bloods of Rome and Druid mingle as the rowans intertwine, then peace and honour will come with us to dine’.  This is a prophecy of Arch Druid Cadoc, deceased grandfather of Ceridwen.


I have taken the liberty of classifying these quotations into headings. You are welcome to add to these, either on these webpages or my Facebook author page: Margaret Grant, author


When Ceridwen wanders Mynydd Llwydiarth in the Spring sunshine, she ponders the reason for her existence – ‘To be young; to be healthy; to be part of all this beauty; to be at one with it all; surely this is why she had been given life; to appreciate her everlasting essence; to nurture it and help others to nurture theirs?’  p.16  Cae Gwynion – The Holy Place.


A pair of buzzards was playing on the warm air currents, effortlessly suspended with their great wings outstretched in total trust of being carried higher and higher into the warm sunlight.

‘We should trust in the Goddess as these marvellous creatures trust in the winds,’ thought Ceridwen. ‘When we are at one with all things there is such peace and beauty here on Earth.’ p.17    Cae Gwynion – The Holy Place

Now that each soul had emptied itself of the dross of its worldly cares and was one in spirit with the others and the universe, all prayer and thought was to the Higher Good, that source of all knowledge, which organises events for our advancement and spiritual education. p.125  The Coven

He stood thus, he did not know for how long, with his palms receiving the impulses of the Moon’s mystery. There seemed no need to ask his boon. She knew of his needs by reading his soul. When they had drunk their fill of each other, he of her light and she of his essence, he felt her permission to plunge into the river and allow the urgency of his desires to flow away from him into the sea of universal knowledge, where what must be meets what is possible.  p.139 The Sending

Little by little she came to trust and appreciate him. How easy it was now to melt into his arms and become one soul temporarily. It was like losing herself into the light of the Sun, like dying to the incompleteness of self and resurrecting more whole. Their union at their first Beltane had been symbolically sacred, but it had taken them these four years to experience its depths.  p.291 Dragon’s Breath


She must try to remember the teaching of the Old Religion whenever the resentment and hatred in her heart began to burn…Hatred never ceases by the arrows of hatred. It shall be conquered only by the darts of love. She began to chant it and play with the melody until it was carried on the breeze and reached the creatures around her. It was as though the mountain itself was responding to the prayer, yearning for the love and dedication it had witnessed in times gone by.  p.17  Cae Gwynion – The Holy Place

‘You have invaded my reason and for that I forgive you. I am sensible that your love for me, like mine, is neither rational nor timely. We are tools used by the Gods to intermingle the bloods of our peoples. We must come together to raise sons and daughters for future generations, who will champion the cause of peace and justice. For that is not the prerogative of one race over another, but a marriage of equals.’ p.290   Dragon’s Breath


She was determined that nothing would take this benevolent mood away from her on such an exquisite day. But as always, when one is confident that something will last forever, she was immediately tested.  p.17  Cae Gwynion – The Holy Place

Flavia to Marcus in the courtyard at Segontium on his first visit since Leona and Crispian’s deaths:

‘You are right. The greater the happiness, the harder the leave-taking, as you have already experienced; but we must thank the Gods for both that happiness and that pain; for many do not experience its heights and depths, but rub along in the middle more comfortably,’  p.135  The Sending

‘We must sound like two old women gossiping,’ laughed Ceridwen, returning to her task of pummelling Llew’s soiled linen. ‘What made us grow old so suddenly?’

‘Life, Ceridwen! Life and the fear of losing it.’  p.355   Well Being


‘Be like a hollow reed which allows the winds of blessings to flow through it. Do not use your own power, or you will dilute and sully the healing magic. Breathe him a breath of the Goddess. Be a mere link in the chain of good.’ p.21 Mynydd Llwydiarth – Purple Mountain


His demand is becoming weaker. Is he dying, Grandmother?’

‘No. Dying is a growing of power, not a waning. He does not need your hands. He is probably in a healing sleep.  p.22  Mynydd Llwydiarth – Purple Mountain


‘Coll and Owain have been disturbing your serenity,’ Nanw continued. ‘They are as masterful at playing their parts of being friendly with the Romans, as they are at disguising their hatred for their own chieftain. But do not let their eyes be your eyes. See with your own.’  p.30  The Enemy Within 


‘The Goddess does not ask us to be anything other than human when we serve Her. All she asks is that we recognise the promptings of our lower nature and encourage our higher nature to take the lead. It is how we grow.  p.31 The Enemy Within


‘Cry your anger to the howling wind. Spit the burning thoughts into the flame of the fire. Drown the monster inside you with Holy water from the spring. Replace the space you create with thoughts that you can live with in harmony; thoughts which you choose to dwell in you. You must master your thoughts and not allow them to be master of you, for that is the worst form of slavery.’  p.31 The Enemy Within


‘How do we heal a gaping wound? By drawing both sides together, that their proximity may unite them.  p.40 The Enemy Within


‘Grandmother, you see into my soul. You hear my thoughts, so why would you have me answer?’

‘Because, recognition of oneself at a conscious level is a maturing process. So often we seek to hide our weaknesses, even from ourselves; and if we do that, we cannot heal and move forwards in our lives.’   p.60  The Farewell

‘I know what hatred can do. I counsel Coll and Owain against it, when it burns in me. It seems that I am as bad in my duplicity as I am irritated by it in others,’ she sighed, trying to make sense of the conflicting emotions by smoothing the fur of the young animal on her lap.

‘You are on the path of serenity if you can recognise the source of your own troubling, my youngling. Ask the Goddess. She will give you the opportunity to conquer your prejudice, for that is the disease of your heart.’   p.30  The Enemy Within


It was as if Nanw were whispering again all those words of encouragement. ‘When you fill your soul with love of the Goddess and feel your oneness with all creation, you have no room in your heart for doubt and fear. Anxiety is self-indulgence, a destructive force creating a chamber of self-imprisonment. It overflows into other people’s lives and poisons the living waters of Life.

‘Be strong. Take a deep breath from the wind, a rising strength from the sweep of a mountain. Wash away all that is negative in the flowing stream of the Goddess’s love and make room in your soul for the Higher Power.’  p.87  The Awakening

Marged is quite right,’ agreed Betw, taking Ceridwen’s hand in hers and patting it affectionately, ‘For, when the vessels of our souls are full of fears, or even petty concerns, we cannot be pure vessels for the wine of clear vision to reveal itself. We must try again to achieve an emptying of self and a unity of purpose. Then only will a course of action be revealed to us.’   p.123 The Coven


Marcus to Ceridwen at the seashore before the Beltane contest:

‘We worship different sources of power; yet it is like all rivers; they eventually flow into the one sea and that sea sends forth its clouds to recreate again the different rivers. So it is with our faiths. I will gladly pray to your Goddess, if you in turn will pray to my God.’ p.162  Together


It was strange that whenever you felt you were running short of love, your heart would be challenged again and again to pour out more love from its wellspring. Only this morning she had caught herself wondering about the intensity of her love for Llew. How would she be able to match this love that welled so constantly for him, if another child came along? Would she be able to love them both equally? But she already knew the answer and was reminded of a saying of Nanw’s,

‘Each soul you love is like a different coloured jewel in a crown…they all make up its treasured beauty and cannot be compared, for they are all indispensable to its whole.’ p.356  Well Being


Mischievous children could be trained from their errors, but she had never encountered before, an adult who had changed so dramatically for the better. There was hope for the human race yet.  p.414  Hiraeth


‘If I have no daughters of my own, then I shall gladly take her to pass on my knowledge. Shall we wait to see how the future unfolds? I have only access to limited foresight. There are as yet many things undetermined.’

‘You are right. It is foolish to plan too far ahead.’   p.274 Bereft

‘Why would I want to leave what is familiar and good,’ she retorted, ‘to be beguiled by stories of foreign lands, of great riches and adventure? Is it not good to be satisfied with one’s lot? Is it not destiny to know your place in the scheme of things and know you play a small, but important part in the whole?’

‘Not everything we do is destined and you well know it, Ceridwen. We have choices and our life path unfolds the consequences once we have chosen. At least help me choose, by looking at those choices with me. Let not everything in your life be a foregone conclusion.’  p.371  Deva

‘We think we cast a mould for our lifetime, but when the mould is broken we must create ourselves anew.’ They both shook their heads. Both Geraint and Vipsanius knew that neither of them would cope well, if life challenged them in the way it had served Marcus. p.348  Well Being


‘They tell themselves it is for the greater good. Thus men excuse great crimes,’ answered Geraint. ‘My fellow Ordovicans see me as a traitor; that my daughter is wed to a Roman commandant; that we trade peaceably with the garrison. I have but a handful of men at my disposal whom I can trust to be loyal to me. I suspect that most traders here will sit things out and take to the winning side, but I am done for and expect to be slain, captured or executed. I shall meet my fate honourably, but I ask you now, Marcus, to take a boat on the next tide and convey my family safe to the shores of Mona.’  p.302 Dragon’s Breath


‘He does not serve us like a true king or chieftain. He pays no heed to the advice of the elders. He rules by fear and that goes against all you have taught us about consultation and balanced action.’ Coll tore at his bannock as though he would tear out the heart of a man.  p.22  Mynydd Llwydiarth – Purple Mountain

‘The cause is plain to see. He is prisoner of the sensual – a human being without the refinement of sensibility, or manners. He is addicted to power and satiating desire. He may be strong of body and courageous in battle, but his strength is not overlaid with the wisdom of his father. He does little for his people but make noises of pomp and pride. Besides, he smells of sweat and vainglory.’  p.114 The Coven


‘We think we cast a mould for our lifetime, but when the mould is broken we must create ourselves anew.’ They both shook their heads. Both Geraint and Vipsanius knew that neither of them would cope well, if life challenged them in the way it had served Marcus.  

p.348 Well Being