I WONDER WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO WRITE A REVIEW FOR WATERSTONES? help spread the news about WRI if you like it. Please copy your Amazon review on to this site and also Goodreads. It all helps Nepalganj Orphanage in Nepal.


Being part of the goodreads community is a way of recommending books to your friends.


You do not necessarily need the isbn number to put in its search engine, as you can get there by putting the title, but here they are .

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9930463-0-8
Ebook Kindle ISBN 978-0-9930463-1-5

It is listed there if you put the title into their search engine, but currently has few reviews…so you might want to be one of the very first people to do so.


If you have bought the novel on Kindle or in the paperback version from Amazon, you are entitled to write a review online and I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU DID. You can even write a review if you have bought a signed copy from me. Just mention on the Amazon review site that you have bought a signed copy from me by visiting my website and quote my website: http://www.margaretgrantauthor.wordpress.com

The more reviews there are, the more people will be likely to buy it and that would mean I could send more money to my friend’s orphanage in Nepalgunj, which the book sponsors.

This is how you do it:

Google an Amazon site or log in to your Amazon account

Type ‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ into the search window.

When a picture of the item for sale comes up, click on it as though you are going to buy it again. A little row of gold stars comes up, which if you click will take you to the reviews .

Click on that as though you are going to read the reviews and a little window comes up which says  ‘write a review’.

You can then opt for writing a review, put your star rating and your comments. Put your title for your review in the title window.

You can opt for an online pseudonym if you are shy about your identity.

It is not good for the Grant clan to use their surnames for obvious reasons. ( A relative mutual admiration society)

I have noticed that on:






and Amazon.fr

reviews from one site do not appear on the other, unless they have been copied and pasted by the reviewer; so, if you have read the book, it would be so appreciated if you would copy and paste your comments on the six different sites. Hard work I know, but the only way to get people in other countries reading it.


Thank you so much for reading thus far. If you have got this far YOU deserve 5 stars! Much appreciated! Happy reviewing!


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